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Online Consultation Form

It is important that we know if you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic tattooing to ensure we get the best results. 

Please fill out all information below, once I have reviewed your consultation form you will be given written approval via email to go ahead with scheduling your appointment online. 

What area are you wanting treated?
Have you had any previous tattooing in the requested area?
How would you describe your skin type?
Please select your age bracket.
Are you currently using any skin medications or products that contain retinol, retin-A, glycolic or alpha hydroxil acids?
Are you currently breastfeeding or pregnant?
Are you currently using any blood thinning medications?
Do you suffer from keloid scarring?
Do you suffer from coldsores? (Lip Clients)
Are you able to use topical anaesthetics? (lignocaine, tetracaine, prilocaine, epinephrine)

We will be in touch via email to confirm your acceptance as a new client.

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